Imagine putting yourself together piece by piece in every realm.   A piece dealing with your spiritual self where you have reached the ultimate level of worship and connection with Allah.  A piece dealing with your physical self where you have a strong, energetic, polished body.  A piece dealing with your knowledge base, your financial self, your social self, and so on…

What would you have put together? 

The Ideal Muslim.  


That is my mission here at the DC Seminary


I’m Fahad Tasleem   In my 20s, Allah blessed me with the opportunity to spend some time in the city of the Prophet (sws) and I had a goal to study at the University of Madinah.  I wanted that to be my first step in becoming the Ideal Muslim.   I didn’t get in.   That’s right, I didn’t get in. 


There was definitely a wisdom in that since I started to look up to people who never got a chance to study abroad and yet reached amazing heights.   So my struggles with Arabic, memorizing the Quran, making Dawah, public speaking, getting married, raising a family, being fit, finances, etc. began.

DC Seminary is the site I wish I had back then.  A site that addresses pieces of the Ideal Muslim.  

Welcome to the start of an amazing journey…

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